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B.C.'s "Guilty till proven Innocent" is finally available!!!!!!!!

This B.C.'s debut solo album.  B.C. did it all himself on this one.  He was the primary producer, engineer, writer, and graphic designer of the entire album. The legendary D-Funk lends his musical genius to tracks: 3. Guilty till proven Innocent, 4. Do what U do, & 11. Red Dreams.  

Plus, you can download the hot radio single 18. Bust Back (radio version) for FREE. Just click on the song title.

This documentary style album was created in order to bring to  light a scandalous police cover up from 6 years ago. You can find the entire background story surrounding this album by clicking here.

New Spring '07 special on CDs!  Buy "Lazy J's Still on Fire" & "Rat Pack '05" for only $19.95!!!!  Plus you will receive our the brand new "Guilty till proven Innocent for FREE!!!!! Just click here and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.  You'll see it!






"Lazy J's Still on Fire" now available at Tower Records Website!








Last Time Felons are now on the internet radio @ Song Tiger Internet Radio!   You can listen to the full tracks of Down 2 Ride (radio edit), Way Down South (radio edit), & Stay with Me (radio edit)

Check out Last Time Felons on MY SPACE.

Still on Fire had over 100 hits at CDBABY since it's debut on 4-20-06!  Go Lazy!




Lazy J's Still on Fire is now available at CDBABY and at the Music Express, a local record store, in Hammond, LA.






Still on Fire clip downloads now available in our store.  

Plus a free download of the entire track 2. Way Down South featuring B.C. & Fresh.










Still on FIRE! is now available!

Katrina slowed us down for a little while, but we never stopped writing and now the Studio is back up runinng.

Still on Fire's cover art has been redone.

B.C.'s solo album "Guilty till Proven Innocent" is almost finished.  The album will feature 12 brand new tracks and a skit along with 3 previously unreleased tracks from '04.  B.C. produced all of his own tracks except for 2 beats.  1 of which was custom made by D-Funk and then later chopped by B.C. himself.

Still on Fire!










Lazy J's debut solo album was due to hit the streets July 7th, but it has been

delayed due to duplication compilcations.     


  "13 tracks of cooked crack" quote Lazy J

("Back 2 My Roots" from  Rat Pack '05).


"Down 2 Ride", a local favorite, will be the 1st single for the radio.

 This debut album features the established producer and engineer David Faulk a.k.a. "D-Funk", who also sang the chorus for track 8 "Weed Man."  The disc was primarily recorded and engineered by D-Funk, but the Felons ended up adding a track made in their very own studio, track 2 "Way down South", which was engineered and mastered by Lazy J himself.  Nip-Gee from Psycodic Noize also gets his point across in track 3 "Saga Continues".  This CD is packed with that down south hip-hop sound and yet a twist, it's real.

Playable tracks will be available via our store very soon.  





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