"Guilty till proven Innocent"


"Dedicated to the Truth"


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This album was created with the intention of exposing a St. Tammany Police cover up from 6 years ago.

Of course, it involves me, B.C. Here's the quick version.


During the summer of 2001, I was kicked out of my parents' house. Honestly, I was ready to leave anyway,

but they spead up the process. So I left and stayed at my girl's house. A couple days pass and I need my stuff

at my parents' house, such as more clothes, but especially my laptop CPU, which was a graduation present.

I call them in the morning and they were still pissed at me. They said don't come, but I needed my things

so I went anyway. When I got there, I went straight up to my room. I gathered up some clothes and

grabbed my laptop bag, but there was no laptop in the bag. I was pissed. So I went to thier room,

but they had locked the door and wouldn't open it. The only thing that they would say was

"you better leave or we'll call the police." I threatened to break the door down, but it was no use.

They were in one of thier moods and no matter what, that door wasn't opening. So walked outside and

sat down on a log near the woods and lit up a Black n Mild.


The next thing I know, two St. Tammany Sheriff cars drive up. My dad meets 'em and talks with them.

They see me and come to talk to me. They tell me that I have to leave the property. I told them that if my

dad says I gotta leave, I'll leave, but they can't tell me to leave. The cops say fine go ask your dad.

So I get up and start walkin' over to my dad who was walkin' back toward the house. The next thing I know

I feel someone grabbing my wrist. So I turn around, and push the officers hand off my wrist because

he was trying to handcuff me. Immediatley, his partner maces me. I then start pushing them off

and resisting while I'm screaming, "What's the charge? What did do? I know my rights!

Writ of Habeus Corpus! You can't do this" No matter what I said, they weren't backing

off and gave me no answers or explanations. Eventually, I run by my dad and he bear hugs me. I say

"You can have me, just don't give me to them!" He doesn't listen and hands me over to them. See, he thought

that I was all high on "God knows what." Let it be known. I'm a weed smoker and that morning I had not smoked.

I was sober, but really pissed off.


They handcuff me, take me over to thier cop car and force me into the back of it. One of the cops,

had me by throat pushing me into the backseat. So I got my feet on his chest and threw that S.O.B

right out of the car. Pay attention. This is the only time I ever struck an officer. They shut me in and

go over to the other cop car doin' thier thing. I'm in the back yellin' my ass off. Talkin' about sewin' 'em

and all kinds of shit. Eventually I try the handle to the car door, but it was locked. So I try the other door

and it was locked. But then I see the lock is down. So I pulled it up, tried the handle again and the car door

opened. I didn't think twice. I got out and took off into the woods, headed down to the river. The river ain't that deep.

So I took off my shoes n socks and hopped in. The water came up to about my neck. So I walked across and

got back in the woods. Oh yeah, my golden retriever, Max, was by my side the whole time. See, I grew up on

this river. I know it like the back of my hand. So my plan was to make way to my girl's house, who only lived

about 2 or 3 miles away.


But little did I know that my father had told the cops where I was probably going. I was on the run for

about 3 hours. And I mean they had called all cars out for me. They even had air support trying to track me.

Everytime I heard the plane coming near, I would hide under a bush and hug my dog until it had passed.

You would've thought I was a cold blooded killer with all the cops after me that day. I finally arrived at my girl's

house and saw 3 sheriff cars in her drive way, along with several pigs patroling the yard. So I was like shit,

what do I do now? It hit me. I'll make my way to my dawg, Blake's house, who only lived about 2 miles way.

I start walking through the woods and a sheriff truck drives by on the street and stops. So I duck and then the

truck keeps going. I hadn't realized how close to the road I was. So I start retreating back into the woods.


A couple minutes later I see a gang of pigs with a K9 running at me. I was so exhausted at this time, that I

couldn't run anymore. The K9 latched onto my arm and I start screaming "Ahhh!!!!!!! I give up,

I give up!!!!!!!!" And I will never forget what this pig said to me. "You shouldn't have run from the cops"

with a smile on his face. Eventually I just grab the dog's mouth off my arm and the sheriff punches

me in the nose, breaking it. The K9 latches back onto my arm and this time my dog, Max, attacks the K9.

The K9 releases me and try to run again, but the next thing I know, the K9's back on me and tearin' up my legs.

It latches back on my arm for the final time, when a pig cracks me over the head with his mag light and I

fall face first into the mud like I was dead and finally the K9 released my arm. Two cops then try to

handcuff me. One is pulling on my left arm and the other is pulling on my right. They say "Let Go!",

like I was holding on to my hands in the front. My face is in the mud and I say "I'm already

handcuffed, I'm already handcuffed!" They finally figure it out and say "He's already handcuffed Sarge?"

The pigs take thier time getting me to the hospital, and when I arrived, I find out that my heart rate

was at an extremely low 40, due to the all the blood loss. I would spend the next 4 to 5 days

in the hospital with pigs guarding my room and then

go to jail for 2 to 3 days.


The night I got home, I had a couple of friends come over and I made this video below, in which Lazy J

was the camera man. I did not want to ever forget what they had done to me. After watching it again,

I realize that I left some things out, but I covered most of it. Also, you should know that making music

was not even an option back then. Last Time Felons was not created until 2003. I know that I look and

act crazy, but you have to understand that this the day I was released from jail after almost being killed by

the police. So both of my eyes are still black and bruised. I have enclosed some pictures of me a

month before this incident. So that you can see that I was a healthy kid before this happened.


Friday July 13th, 2001:

B.C. tells the story


click here to view the videos

click here to view the videos




2001 Pictures:

B.C. a month before

while on vacation.

click here to view the 2001 vacation pictures

click here to view the pictures


The police, feeling embarassed about the situation, lie their ass off. They fill thier police reports

with bullshit. They said that I had beaten up 5 officers. They said that I had struck them in face with

my spiked ring. I had bought that ring while I was on vacation a month before in Singapore.

It had 6 metal spikes on it like a crown. If I had hit them with that, there would be some marks and

yet no officer showed any sign of injury. I was also accused with trying to strangle the K9.

But the greatest bullshit of all, was when they explained how I got out of the police car. They

said that when the officer tried to open the door, I kicked the door into him, knocked him down,

and then fled. Here is some of those actual police reports:


Click here to view the 2001 Police Reports

2001 Police Reports

click here to view the police reports


The police also spread thier B.S. to the papers. The Times Picayune picks up the story and

writes a comic book tale of the whole ordeal.


You have to read it to believe it. Here it is:


click hear to read the actual newspaper articles from 2001


2001 Newspaper Articles

click here to view the newspaper articles



Here's some pics of me at the hospital the day it happened and some of the wounds a week later.

click here to view the pictures of B.C.'s wounds and scars from 2001

2001 Wound Pictures

click here to view the pictures

My parents end up realizing that they had made a mistake that day by calling the police.

They got me a lawyer and took some steps toward getting the whole thing dismissed.

My dad actually called Sheriff Jack Strain. Strain tells my father something to the

effect of "I know my officers didn't go by the book that day, but I will never admit

that publicly." So I get no help from him at all. I end up taking a plea bargain in which

I must confess to all the bullshit that they had accused me of. The legal advise that was

given to me was that if I fight the charges, I'll get most of them dropped, but the one

that sticks will be a felony and it will stay on my record forever. So I took the fuckin' plea,

which included 15 days jail time, a shit load of community service, restitution costs,

and 2 years misdemeanor probation with random piss tests. But the thing about it is, this day

would never leave me alone. From that day forth, if I was ever questioned by the cops,

I was the guy who beat up the police. So search him, harass him, and make his life hell,

which they have done repeatedly.



The Album Artwork:


The artistic theme of the cover art is a newspaper, which was created in order to mock the 2001 article.

The cover and the back of the CD has articles written. These articles are fictional. I chose the

date Friday October the 13th because the video I made above was shot on Friday the 13th, July 2001.

In the title of the album "Guilty till proven Innocent", I spelled "till" with two L's like the garden tool the tiller.

The symbolism is that I am Guilty until I dig through the bullshit to uncover the truth

which proves my Innocence.


The Songs:

The songs on this album basically describe my life experiences of the past 2 years.

1. What do I do (Intro) click to hear the song clip

I wrote this August 24, 2005, the day I got out of court for my most recent charge.

Originally this was written as journal entry. It was never meant to be on a CD,

but as I reread it, I realized the significance of it. This journal entry described the day

I became a felon. So I made a beat for it and just talked it out. The beat was

inspired by the intro to 2pac's "Me Against the World" album.

2. Bust Back click to hear the song clip

This song is my revenge. The hook popped into my head a few days after I had been arrested.

A couple weeks later, I wrote the entire song in one sitting. I found the beat for it on an instrumental

disc that Fresh had downloaded from the internet and immediatley knew that it was the one.

The song was recorded right around the same time "Rat Pack '05" was released. In fact, I had been

arrested the night I had finalized the artwork for the "Rat Pack '05" compliation. I ended up bringing

the song file to D-Funk and he helped me to clean up the vocals with his engineering expertise in 2006.


3. Guilty till proven Innocent click to hear the song clip

I wrote this during the Christmas holidays of 2005. This song just basically points out an unspoken truth.

You are guilty until proven innocent in a court of law. I made the beat, but the bass just didn't knock

hard enough. So I got D-Funk to break out his MPC and put me in a kick drum.

4. Do what U do click to hear the song clip

This song was written in January '05. I wrote it while on vacation in Tampa, FL with my

buddies from Tile & Marble Professionals, who took me to the Saints away game.

The trip was one big haze. I woke up one morning with a tune in my head and I walked

down to the pool area. I sat there and wrote this song with only a beat in my brain. I would try

to make the beat when I got home, but it just didn't do this song justice. So in 2006, I brought

my idea to ole D-Funk. Me and him made the beat from scratch that day.

5. Leave that Girl alone click to hear the song clip

This song is almost like a letter to my older brother. During the Katrina fiasco, my brother's wife

leaves him and says she wants a divorce. He didn't see her for like 2 weeks after that and during

that time he began to tell me what had been going on with them two. Everytime I thought I

had heard it all, he would tell me another story even more shocking than before. This happened like

four times. The electrical power was out for at least of month after the hurricane. Once we

got power back, I cranked up the computer and started making beats. I was in summer school at the

time and came home singing the hook. I got home and immediately began working on a beat concept.

I wrote the song that day and gave it to my brother. The divorce was finalized in the latter of 2006.

6. instincts & traits featuring Cece click to hear the song clip

I came up with the idea for this song one day when I was thinking, "Why do I always say I

don't change?" This thought was baffleing because of course I change, but what doesn't change?

Then it hit me, my instincts & traits. The first part I wrote for this song was the last verse, which

was in '05 to a different beat, but the beat was just a little too slow for the chorus. So I made my

own beat for it, which is totally different from the original. In fact, this is one of my most favorite beats

that I've ever created. I got my lil sister Cece to sing in the chorus because of her unique sound.

7. Lord of the Narc featuring Fresh click to hear the song clip

I came up with the hook of this one first. I was in the car one day and started singing it. I came home

and laid the basic beat down. This was another song that I had wrote during the '05

Christmas Holidays. The title, "Lord of the Narc" makes reference to the novel, "Lord of the Flies".

In my last verse I say, "call me Lord of the Narc cuz I'm gonna impale your head and put it on the

corner of the muthafuckin' block!" See, in the novel, "Lord of the Flies", the kids kill a monster,

which was a boar, and impale its head on a pike and put it on the beach in order to ward off all other

monsters. So I'm sayin' I'm gonna ward off all other Narcs from my block. Fresh's verse also comes

with some extra meaning. His entire verse is about one of his boys he grew up with named Ricky.

Ricky crossed Fresh and Fresh figures out that it was him. So Fresh starts hunting him down, but Ricky

kept laying low. Then one day Ricky gets popped by the cops and violates his probation. Word gets around

to Fresh that Ricky is saying that Fresh is the one who ratted him out to cops. So Fresh came with

this verse, which basically says we ain't Narcs, we eliminate 'em.

Here's the article of how Ricky got popped.

click here to read about how Ricky got arrested

7/19/2006 Article

click here to view the article about Ricky

(I can't find part 2, but when I do I'll post A.S.A.P.)


8. Pig Requirements (skit with B.C. & Fresh)

click to hear the song clip

I came up with this one all in my head at first. I told Fresh about the idea and me and

him recorded this skit a couple nights later. It is played out like a job interview for the

St. Tammany Sheriff's department. The main character is Sheriff Shystee, who says

"you can call me Boo Boo." This makes reference to St. Tammany's Sheriff, Jack Strain,

whose nickname is "Boo Boo". Also, Sheriff Shystee makes a stereo typical and

racial comment about planting crack under the seat for having "chee weez on his head".

This is a direct reference to a comment Sheriff Jack Strain made publicly.

Here's the articles about that: 

click here to read Strain Article 1

Strain Article 1

click here to view Strain Article 1

click here to read Strain Article 2a

Strain Article 2a

click here to view Strain Article 2a

click here to read Strain Article 2b

Strain Article 2b

click here to view Starin Article 2b


9. Fuck Peace featuring Fresh and Lazy J

click to hear the song clip

This song started as a freestyle hook to one of the beats that Fresh had downloaded

from the internet. Me and Lazy J wrote our verses in the summer of 2005, and we just

put it on the back burner. I decided to use it for my album because I needed a hard song

to hit after my "Pig Requirements" skit. So Fresh heard the idea and went to writin'. In the outro,

I am refering to the 2001 incident, and in the heat of the moment,

I dedicated this album to the Truth.


10. Can't stop, Won't stop featuring Lazy J

click to hear the song clip

I came up with the hook for this one during early 2004. In fact at our first show, I rapped

the hook during an intermition between songs. I would try to make the beat back

then, but I never finished it. Then 2006, I was looking through my old beats

and trying to find one that I could maybe use. And I came across "Can't stop, Won't stop"

instrumental. It sounded pretty good to me. So re-did the bass line, added

some melodies and some more drums. And I started writing this song. I actually

wrote my two verses while on break at a Drug Counseling center, which I was required

to do for probation. I brought the idea to Lazy J and let him hear what I was workin' on

and he was like "let me get that last verse!" He wrote his verse while I was sitting there that night.

11. Red Dreams click to hear the song clip

This song started as a beat that I made during the 2005 Christmas holidays. I would bring

the finished instrumental to D-Funk and he added that authentic guitar strum and bass to the beat.

The idea for the song stems from a picture that I drew like 6 years ago. See, once I was out of

high school I started journaling and illustrating it. One day my girlfriend's little brother, John,

told me "Why don't you draw your dreams, Brett." So I did that night. The picture is of that sun

symbol that I use in the middle of Chaotic Concepts with a different dream or goal that I want to

accomplish written between each ray. So there were six dreams. I wrote this song during a time

of depression in 2006. The first verse is basically me talking about my situation. The 2nd verse is speaking

on my experience with the music industry. I also explain the falling out with Rat Pack '05 and mention

that us, the Felons, were having issues at that time too. The third verse is my rebuttal or positive spin.

"Get off your ass and mash to be the Best!" B.C.

12. Save Me click to hear the song clip

This song was the first song I wrote when the power came back on after the hurricane, Katrina.

I made the beat for it just to make a beat at first. Then later on I was chillin' with my brother

and we were listenin' to instrumentals. He started wantin' to write something. So we both broke

out our notebooks and began to write. I wrote the first verse to this song. I then put on the new

instrumental I had made and began to flow my verse to it. When I finished my verse,

I went into the chorus off a freestyle. I would finish the other verses in the next couple of days. 

13. Dedicated 2 Pac click to hear the song clip

This my tribute to Tupac, of course. See, Pac has been an inspiration to me in so many ways.

I have been wanting to make a song dedicated to him ever since I began making music.

The chorus to this one hit me first while driving in the car. I would then come up with the

second verse entirely in my head, which is me just basically calling out all of his albums and

the year they were released. I made the beat next. After I came up with the second verse,

I knew what I wanted the 1st and 3rd verses to be about. So I printed out a biography of

him from www.2paclegacy.com and wrote the 1st verse. For the third verse, I started by writing

down a bunch of his lines from songs throughout his career. I would then piece them

together like a puzzle. I focused on the lyrics that implied a rebirth or ressurection. So I pitch

shifted my voice in the 3rd verse to give the idea that it was Pac speaking to us.


The lyrics I used for the 3rd verse are as follows:


"My only fear of death is reincarnation, Heart of a soldier with the brain to teach your whole nation"

#7 No more pain - all eyez on me disc one (1996)


"Brothas gettin' shot comin' back ressurected! Is this that raw shit, nigga check it."

#5 blasphemy - Makaveli (1996)


"a Black Jesus"

#6 Black Jesuz - Still I Rise (1999)


"Ghetto Gospel"

#4 Ghetto Gospel - Loyal to the game (2004)


"and now they give a fuck about us"

#13 They don't a fuck about us - Better Dayz disc two (2002)


"Against all odds, up in the studio gettin' blowed. Let this be the truest shit I ever spoke"

#13 Against all odds - Makaveli (1996)


"It's time to be a Ghost"

#2 Ghost - Ressurection (2003)


"Woke up with 50 enemies plottin' my death. All 50 seein' visions of me shot in the chest."

#7 Breathin' - Until the end of time disc one (2001)


"But that was fiction. Some coward got the story twisted, like I no longer existed mysteriously missing"

#12 ain't hard 2 find - all eyez on me disc two (1996)


"Still ballin'... I got shot, but didn't die."

#2 Still Ballin' - Better dayz disc 1 (2002)


"97 watch me cut these bitches down to size"

#9 Whatcha Gonna Do - Better Dayz disc 1 (2002)


"Ambitionz az a ridah"

#1 ambitionz az a ridah - all eyez on me disc one (1996)


"Steady livin' on the edge till I'm dead"

#10 Why - Big Syke Daddy (2001)


"Buried as a G, while the whole world remembers me"

#13 Until the end of time - Until the end of time disc one (2001)


The outro of this song was a one take deal. I just hit record and talked it out.

It was like my chance to finally talk to Pac. 

14. Without My Homies? click to hear the song clip

This song is my thank you to all my friends and family in my life. I came up

with the chorus when we were making Rat Pack '05. I wrote it down, but never did

anything with it. During the 2005 Christmas holidays, I remembered it out of no where

and knew I wanted to use it. I would write the 3rd verse first and then make the beat.

The other verses would come in the next week or two. In my outro, I call out a bunch

of my friends and family. I knew that when I did this I would leave some people out.

I tried my best to mention everyone. But of course, almost every day since I will

think of people I left out. If left you out, please do not take it personally. If we're

cool then you know we're cool. When I recorded the outro, it was so perfect that I couldn't

redo it. Any redo would not have had the same sound and feeling as this first take, ya know.

15. Irresistible featuring Froeba and Lazy J

click to hear the song clip

16. Heartfelt featruing Lazy J and Fresh

click to hear the song clip

17. Pray for Me featuring Lazy J and Fresh

click to hear the song clip

These three songs were written during the summer of 2004. Lazy J and Fresh had a

week off of work and the studio was in Lazy's Mom's house. So these two were just

writing for the whole week. I would come by everyday. We wrote like ten songs during

this period. We put some of them on an underground bootleg that year. But I felt that these

three particular songs deserved to be on an official release. So I added them to my album.

Everything that you hear is the way it was recorded back in '04 except the outro of

17. Pray for me. I added this in 2006 because I have been singing that outro since we made the song.

The beats used for these songs were made by the producer, Serggio of Nu Wave Productions,

who produced and engineered our first album, "New Breed of G's".

18. Bust Back (radio version)


I remade this song because I wanted it to get radio play. So in April 2006, I recorded

this version at D-Funk's Hot Box Studios. The song is basically the same except I replaced

all the curse words, added the intro, and changed the outro. In the outro, I am making reference to

Jack "Boo Boo" Strain again. "It's time to hit the road Jack" and "You like protecting

corruption Boo Boo!" are both aimed at him. I did this because I wanted him and

his police officers to hear it. So what better way, then to get it played on the radio.

Hopefully after reading this you will understand

that this album is more than just music.

It is My Life.

You can purchase the album for $9.99 by clicking on the paypal button.  

Please, understand that any revenue created by our music goes

back into the music. We are self-funded and totally independent.

Thank You


Last Time Felons


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